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CM72 - Breakbeat and Hip-Hop

Criminal Breakbeat

We gave the Groove Criminals strict instructions to come up with a massive collection of top-notch breakbeat and hip-hop sample content.

So, the lads locked themselves away, shutting out all outside influence, and set about the task of drawing on their vinyl upbringing to bring you these prime drum loops and wild basslines - all ready for you to use in your music.

After reappearing from the bowels of their studio some weeks later, bleary-eyed and slightly dehydrated, they set about the samples with an audio scalpel to make sure they reach you in prime condition. There are two folders:

With over 266 themed loops in a wide range of tempi. The samples have been cunningly named and each has its basic bpm listed in its title so you can get started quickly. The Criminals spent a lot of time and effort making sure that these loop perfectly so you should save some serious time when you come to make use of the content.

A collection of 8 multisampled basses designed to give you that dubby, ear-pounding bass that all of us crave. Each of the multis has been sampled at semitone intervals over a single octave, and each is marked with the embedded pitch of the sample.



XPhrase Exclusive Patches

To accompany our Xphraze 1.2 demo version we have 32 unique patches that truly go to show off the power of this unique VSTi. The installation is quite specific for this version of Xphraze so you'll need to check the tutorial starting on CM72, page 106 to ensure that they load up in the demo.


TEGXP Multisamples

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