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CM73 - 1,000 Drums and NS Kit 7

1000 Drums

Could this collection of inspired and endlessly useful drum sounds have come from anyone other than CM? Of course it couldn't! We've got more drums here than Premier's warehouse, covering almost every conceivable percussive base. The collection is split up into folders, each one suitably named. There are 150 hi-hats, 28 kick drums, 337 snares and rims, 75 percussive hits and 115 miscellaneous sounds.

These are all ready to be loaded into your drum sampler of choice. Thanks to the Groove Criminals for their extremely hard work in the production of these samples.






Criminal Breakbeat Pt2

We finish off the Criminal breakbeat collection with a bunch of breakbeat and hip-hip inspired rhythm loops from the mysterious Groove Criminals.

ns_kit 7

The main idea of ns_kit 7 (free), as with all previous ns_kits, is to provide a useable, multipurpose, sampled acoustic drum kit. You should find, especially with the release of this even bigger version, that the ns-kit provides an alternative to bank-sets costing a huge wad of cash; perhaps it will even drive down the stupidly high prices of these sample CDs? Who knows?

tight 12 snare
low, muffled 20 kick drum
10, 12, 14 rock/funk toms
20 ride, 19 china, 18 + + 15 crash, 8 splash
13 hi-hats

The ns_kit should be treated as a real instrument - it has been designed as such, with playability always in mind. You should find that there is very little in the way of compromise - i.e. you don't have to keep on thinking "ooh - this is a sampled instrument, I must go carefully". Over the past few years I have learned to play the ns_kit as an instrument and can honestly say I play drums through a keyboard better than a lot of people play real drums! It has been like learning a whole new instrument and that's how you should think of it.

There are 3 versions of the DS-404 kits: Full, Medium and Economy, with several, 3 or a single velocity-layered sample per key, and consequently decreasing demands on resources,




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