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CM74 - Ear Candy

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Cyclick Ear Candy

These samples were created by -
C Y C L I C K     S A M P L E S
email: Cyclick by clicking here

This batch of samples concentrates on the more ephemeral sounds used in music, i.e. anything that is mixed in purely to enhance the sonic texture and isn't necessarily essential to the song. We have started by creating some source material from a range of instruments/materials to then manipulate into more textural sounds. We recorded vinyl crackles and record deck noises, a twelve string acoustic guitar, a small mixing desk feeding back on itself, some synth pads, an electric guitar, an upright piano and a collection of cymbals. Below is a quick guide to what we have created with these source materials.

We miked up each cymbal (one mic above and one below the cymbal with the lower mic phase inverted) and recorded several hits on it: a full stick hit, a bell hit, a ping hit and a swell with soft beaters. We have included a folder of these original sources as they are great sounds on their own. The FX samples feature modulation, convolution, pitch manipulation, layering of multiple cymbals and so on to really make full use of the rich tonal qualities of the cymbals.

Making a small (cheap) 8 channel mixer feedback on itself can seem cruel, but the results are priceless. The result of what amounts to a two or three oscillator analogue synth is generally harsh and unpleasant, but run it through some heavy effects and you get some true ear-candy - and that's what we've done.

Most of these samples feature a Parker Fly guitar through a distorted Marshall amp setting. We have made a series of lead guitar bends, whammybar bends, whammy pedal bends, feedback noise, plectrum scrapes on the strings and rock powerchords. We have put in a selection of short, stabbed powerchords and accompanying long decaying version as they are useful in adding some rock weight to many non-rock genres (Rick Rubin era Beastie Boys anyone?). The additional noises and bends are great ear candy and can be effected further into the world of the purely esoteric as they contain some rich harmonic characteristics.

The Ebow samples are recorded DI'ed from the guitar through some delay and modulation effects - the distortion tone is actually the product of the Ebow and not any addition distortion effects. Again these sounds are great on their own, but through massive reverb and delay effects they can really add depth to any sonic texture. The Slide samples are made with a glass slide on the Parker Fly DI'ed with some reverb and modulation to space them out a bit - reversing them is always a joy for the ear-candy seeker.

The source material for this folder comes from an Edwardian upright piano which is pretty out of tune. We miked it up with a spaced stereo pair of wide diaphragm mics and set about it with all manner of materials to get a range of sounds from it. These include stroking the strings with a knife edge, plucking the strings by hand, hitting the soundboard with a drumstick and generally bashing the keys.

We have broken the results down into four effects styles used to manipulate the source material. The SpagPiano is made with a couple of notes from the piano that were vaguely in tune with each other which were then made into a sampler patch. The result is a Spaghetti Western-esque dulcimer sound for which we have included a multisample from the patch.

No ear candy selection is complete without a range of pad sounds, so that's what we've included here. We have created a set of 8 pad sounds with our Kurzweil synth and got busy with the FX section. Not only are they great material for chilled tracks, but they make wonderful textures when used as the source impulse in convolution algorithms - give them a try on drums and vocals, the results can be other-worldly.

Using a Yamaha 12-string acoustic miked up with two wide diaphragm condenser mics we recorded a range of sounds, from open chords to the picking of the strings between the nut and the tuning pegs. We have included a selection of basic open chords which can add a nice weight to other instrument accents, as well as making great fodder for reverb/FX routes and convolution impulses. We have included a range of effected samples that take the rich tonality of the guitar to other planets!

We started these samples by recording down numerous runouts and gaps on dusty vinyl records, as well as putting the needle on the rubber slipmat and generally abusing the deck. With a little audio manipulation these sounds quickly become electrical crackles and esoteric hisses. A great way to get your money's worth out of a record once you've sampled all the breaks off it!

We hope you find this collection useful. Though you may find just the sound you wanted within these samples, if you don't it's more than likely that with a bit of imagination and some crazy FX settings you can take these sonic textures even further, as the best ear-candy results from taking rich, yet random, source material to a place far from its origin. Happy mashing!




Desk Feedback

Electric Guitar


Synth Pads

Twelve String Guitar

Vinyl Noises

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