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CM75a - 'Real Life" SFX Warped

The mission was to collect 'real life' sounds and atmospheres and then twist them beyond any reasonable recognition. This was perfect for the sonic manglers in the Groove Criminals studio.

All the sounds were collected using a variety of inexpensive mics, including a Samson C03 multi-pattern condenser, a Shure SM58 and a tiny Maplin lapel model. These mics were either fed directly into a portable MiniDisc recorder or through a Samson C-Valve preamp and onto DAT.

Everything was then chopped and cleaned up in SoundForge. To crunch up the samples, the Crims used a mixture of software (including Warp, Mayhem and various Waves plugins) and hands-on hardware (Alesis airFX and Bitman, Stanton DFX-II). Noises were thrown in and out of the computer, recorded to tape or DAT, or just plain destroyed, before being given that final mash-up once again in Sound Forge. The short collection of rhythm loops was made by chopping and rearranging the samples in either pHATmatik Pro or Basement Arts' Reflex loop slicer.

Warped World




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