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CM75b - CM SynthStation

The Electronic Garden's CM SynthStation
We have a huge selection of synth samples and their associated sampler presets with which you can turn your favourite software sampler into a powerful synthesis workstation. Try saying that after six pints!

The samples comprise a selection of raw waveforms taken from four modern and vintage synthesizers, as well as some custom-made waveforms and acoustic recordings, These particular sounds were all chosen because experience has told us that they produce excellent harmonically-rich synthesis folder for our samplers.

We've done all the editing and looping for you so all you need to do is copy the complete folder onto your hard drive (you might need to direct the sampler to the folder when you load the presets), load up the waves and start tweaking.

If you prefer to work with prebuilt patches, we've also included loads of them for the DS-404, NN-XT, HALion and Kontakt samplers. In fact, when combined with the basic waveform samples (which sound extremely cool in their own right) each sampler's has a whopping 128 presets for you to get your teeth into.

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