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CM76 - Drum 'n' Bass, and Step Sequences

Cyclick Step-Seq Source

These samples have been created to pitch and stretch their way through the step sequencer of your choice.

The tuned/non-percussive samples have their recording pitch indicated in the last letter of the sample title (for example: SynCho L-02a is in the key of A).

Cyclick have stayed clear of any delay-related or tempo-related elements and effects in these sources, so they are useful across a wide range of tempi. There's an example loop for each element, labelled '[Kit name] Xmpl.wav'. For most of the sample sounds, the lads have included a few alternatives to broaden your audio palette further. They've also given many sounds a bar or two of decay to allow for pitching up and slower sequencer patterns.





Koncept and Funktion DnB

This ass-kicking collection of drum 'n' bass material comes from Koncept and Funktion, and comprises more than 110 finely tuned samples.

As you'd expect, there are bass loops and a selection of drum loops and hits, plus a stack of FX samples, pads and soundscapes, string loops, synth loops, vocals (both sung and spoken) and a number of construction kits from which you can extract your own samples. This is a collection to be treasured.

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