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CM77 - Dub-Hop, Dark and Downbeat

The Groove Criminals have been busy creating some sub-hop, dark and downbeat loops, riffs and multis for you to use in your music.

All the beats were constructed in Cubase using either LinPlug's RMIV or the rather nifty Ruction plugin from Desaster Development. In addition, a few samples were put together in FL Studio and then exported into Sound Forge for some processing and crisping up.

The bass loops and multis were created using a combination of software and hardware; this included Novation's BassStation VSTi and A-Station rack synths as well as CM's very own CM-303. These were then pulled through some effects and compression before once again being tidied up in Sound Forge.

The guitar riffs, chords and licks were performed on a Squire Telecaster unclean into a Samson valve preamp. These were then shoved through Amplitube to add some personalized tremolo and distortion. Many thanks to Tool Paul for the sterling fretwork.

Finally the atmospheres and synth textures were created using the A-Station with its outputs running through an Alexis airFX, the contents of which were twiddled in an alarmingly random manner. These again we tweaked (if necessary0 in good ol' Sound Forge.

With 31 bass samples, 65guitar bits, 51 loops, 41 synth bits and 120 multisamples.






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