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CM78 - that 'DJ' feel

This month we've reproduced, recycled and refurbished a whole host of sounds to give them a truly authentic 'DJ' feel.

Cyclick Samples

In the Cyclick Samples folder there are 3 folders of tempo-based instrumentation: these contain bass guitar, electric guitar, keyboard, brass and percussive samples and two folders of vinyl effects. 11 different vinyl record crackles, pops and needle drops were used in the making of these samples. For the vinyl sounds themselves, Cyclick used the iZotope Vinyl plugin and noise from a variety of records.

With 140 instrument samples and 27 vinyl noises and vocal samples.




Vinyl Noise

Vinyl Vox

Groove Criminals

The Groove Criminals have also been busy crafting samples. They've created a collection of quality skipped loops and vinyl-style hits (all the individual sounds and vinyl noises are also supplied) that should keep your sampler occupied for some time.

With 70 drum loops, 68 one-shot drum hits, 20 vinyl stabs and 68 specialty skipped samples.

ONYX Sonyx ReFill

Sonyx by Onyx is an eclectic collection of patches for Reason's Malström granular synth, presented in ReFill format and comprising basses, 'hard' and 'soft' synth lines, 'synced' pads and effects.

Thanks to CM reader Onyx for this superlative collection. If you've created something that you'd like to get on our disk, drop us a line by clicking here

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