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CM79 - Garritan, D'n'B and Groove Monkee

GOS Ultralite Samples

To accompany our CM Guide to the Orchestra in CM79, page 52, Gary Garritan has given us an exclusive set of stunningly expensive string articulations taken directly from the world-famous Garritan Orchestral Strings sample library.

As with all CM samples, they're completely royalty free, so do with them what you will (apart from redistributing them as samples, of course).

To find out more about the Garritan range of sample libraries and plugin instruments (including Garritan Personal Orchestra, reviewed in CM76), visit

Garriton Ultralite

Groove Criminals

The Groove Criminals have come up with 150 samples inspired by out D&B tutorial in CM79, page 34. The collection consists of 140 loops, ranging in tempo from 140 to 170 bpm (the tempo is indicated in the file names) and 11 sub-basses to accompany them.


Groove Old Skool DnB

Groove Monkee MIDI Files

A wide range of quality MIDI files from two Groove Monkee collections, Groove Monkee Rock and Grooves and Groove Monkee Funk, Hip-Hop and R'n'B, both of which are available from the Groove Monkee web site.

There are 228 MIDI grooves and fills in all manner of styles on the disk, in both multi-track and single track format for maximum flexibility.

Groove Monkee - Multi-Track

Groove Monkee - Single Track

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