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CM80 - Studio Patches and Guitars Galore!

500 CM Studio Patches

CM Reflex









CM Guitars

Five beautifully recorded guitar multisample sets to accompany the strum-packed monster of a tutorial in CM80. The Electronic Garden have pulled out all the stops to build these instruments in NN-XT, Kontakt, HALion, and DS-404 formats.

For more information, see page 58 in CM80.

CM Guitars

MIDI Guitar Chords

64 guitar MIDI files played with an Axon AX-100 guitar MIDI controller, giving you a complete library of chords to use with the techniques discussed in the guitar tutorial in CM80 page 58.

There are chords of every shape and size rooted on the notes A, B, C, D, E, F and G, from typical minors and majors to many more exotic examples, including diminished and augmented. The chords are categorised into folders named by key, so all variations on A are in the folder named A, and so on.

There is an indication for most chords as to whether they are open or barre. So you can easily distinguish between the two different types.

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