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CM90 - Sweeteners

24bit Ear Candy

Once the main parts are down and the arrangement is set, every track needs effects, incidental sounds and "ear candy". The CM Sweeteners collection has been designed to provide you with a wide palette of just such sounds.

Andrew Duke, Cyclick Samples, The Electronic Garden, The Groove Criminals and Richard James Audio Design have put in some serious studio time in order to bring you tons of samples (1882) for every genre, style and, er . . .oeuvre. Effects and noises, reverses, synth sweeps, reverbs, delays and more - there's something here for everyone.



AD Perc

AD Vox

Amb & Atmos

BassGuitar FX




Combs & Pads

DrumVerb Explosions


Electric Guitar

Hand Percussion

Keyboard Runs&Swells


Kitchen Percussion

Moody Chords

Nylon String Guitar

Radio Noise

Radio Scratching

Reverse Cymbals

Reverse Piano Chords



SH101 Tones & FX

SH101 Zips-Zaps-FX



Synth Noises

Synth Sweetners


24bit Extras

These samples were created by -
C Y C L I C K     S A M P L E S
email: Cyclick by clicking here

This is Kit 5, spilt over from the CM89 DVD, it has a down-beat melancholy mood.

Kit Tempo Keys
Kit05   65 bpm D

The file names for the samples contain all the relevant information concerning kit number, tempo, key and sequence number (so that matching lines/beats can be used together, though many lines will match other beats/lines). For example, FilOrgK03 70B-02 is from Kit 03, has a tempo of 70bpm, is in the key of B and was made to match BeatK03B 70-02 and other '02' instrument lines.

Many of the samples have been cut with a few beats of bars extra on the end to allow for reverb and delay decays. All the multisamples have been made with 4 notes per octave at 3 semitone (minor 3rd) intervals for even spacing when key mapping in a sampler.


Kit05 65bpm



A collection of sounds from Chineekong's VST Instrument devoted to the Chinese Gong. As well as being fully functional as regular WAVs, these samples have all been "pHATized" or use in pHATmatik Free and pHATmatik Pro (both of which can be found at Please make sure that you check the licence details that are included on the DVD.

ChineeKong Info

CM SoundTools Vol 2 - Urban Source

Cyclick Seduction

First listed in CM66: please click here

The Garden of Love

Ooooooh, those naughty fellers at CM have come up with a really interesting mission for your dear old Electronic Gardeners this month. "Boys" they said "Can ya give us some samples in a plain brown wrapper? You know the stuff...sorta thing yer dad kept in a box, hidden under the bed".

Well, never ones to pass up a challenge, we enlisted the aid of a friend who agreed to step into the vocal booth, and say some rather embarrassing things...things you might not like your Grandma to hear, but just the sort of steamy dialogue samples that would work with any seductive, funky number, or floor-burning thumper. We want to thank our vocalist for not only her smouldering vocal samples, but her unabashed creativity. She came up with some real doozies, some of which we dare not publish! We want to assure you, dear readers, that this was all in good fun, and not meant to offend anyone in the slightest! Rest assured, we are all

In addition to "those" samples...we also present a batch of bass loops in various styles and tempos, all ACIDized and ready to drop into your sequencer of choice. They are all in the key of A, and feature variations transposed in perfect fifths and sevenths (that'd be "E" then). Have fun, but don't let the vice squad catch you doing so!

Scot Solida
The Electronic Garden

01 XXX Vocal Samples

02 BassLoops

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