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CM91 - Retro & Degraded

16bit Cyclick Classics

Step back in item to early 2002 and CM issues 44 and 45, when these samples were first included on the CM cover CD.

The collection features a 140bpm Latin construction kit, comprising percussion, guitar and piano parts) and a trove of clavinet and organ multisamples and riffs (both clean and dirty). This is your second chance to get hold of (or rediscover) a classic set of sounds from yesteryear.







Clean Organ

Dirty Organ


24bit Retro Construction Kits

Six fully stocked construction kits at a variety of tempos, including drum loops, basslines, leads and a host of special effects taken from every retro instrument that we could lay its pre-millennial hands on, from a Casio VL-Tone to an old Speak and Spell. The melodic loops for each come with their respective multisamples, so you can make your own variations, and of course, any drums and percussion come with their component hits.

There's also a short demo included for each kit so that you can get an idea of how the sounds work together.

The kits are in the following keys and tempos:

Kit Creator Tempo Keys
1 Andrew Duke 120 bpm A
2 Andrew Duke 110 bpm C
3 Andrew Duke 130 bpm D
01 Cyclick 120 bpm G
02 Cyclick 140 bpm D
03 Cyclick 174 bpm A

kit 1

kit 2

kit 3

Kit01 120bpm

Kit02 140bpm

Kit03 174bpm

24bit Retro Loops and Hits

A selection of lo-fi instruments and old-school videogame sounds, processed through various bit-crushers, distortion units and ring modulators, and then recorded at 24-bit, for optimum ironic quality. Post-modern, or what?

Many of the sound sets are in the same key and tempos as the construction kits, and of particular note is the JackPlug synth, which is made from the sound of a hand being pressed on a live jack plug. Tuned and distorted, it makes for a formidable bass patch.





FX Pedals

Game FX

Game Synths

Game Voice


Jack Plug Noise

LoFi Synths




Radio Bass

Radio Guitar A

Radio Guitar B


Synth and Effects

Synth with Pedals

24bit Retro Multisamples

The Electronic Garden have crafted a set of loops and multisamples using one of the most loved (and hated0 lo-fi samplers ever made. The Ensoniq Mirage - an old-school mainstay of hip-hop and industrial music.

The Mirage is a bitch to program, mainly because of its meagre two-LED display and the fact that all parameters are entered in hexadecimal format. Just bear that in mind next time you get frustrated with your plugin sampler's interface.

All the multis have been mapped out in DS-404, HALion, Kontakt and NN-XT formats. If you use the HALion, Kontakt or NN-XT patches, copy the entire 24bit Retro Multisamples folder to your hard drive, rather than loading the samples from the DVD.



ns_kit7 CM

ns_kt7 Computer Music Edition is essentially a stripped-down version of the ns_kit7 funk kit.

What you get:
- - 981 48KHz/24bit stereo samples amounting to 1.05Gb of data,
- - left-hand and right-hand ordinary, rim-shot and press hits (funk snare),
- -cross-stick,
- -right-hand ordinary tom hits on all 5 rock toms,
- -punch kick - open and closed, two variations,
- -19" ride,
- -8", 92 and 122 splash,
- -15" and 18" crash,
- -13" hi-hats (2 variations of openness),
- -muted cowbell.

Compared with the full funk kit:
- -there are fewer articulations, i.e. no high rim-shots, edge->centre hits, deep cross-sticks, both hands and rim-shots on toms, rolls, no crashed rides (or crashes played as rides),
- - not every cymbal has hit and grabs and rolls,
- - the full 13" hi-hat has at least 300 more samples,
- - there are fewer velocity layers,
- -the full version utilises extensive mod-wheel switching for creating even more expressive drum tracks

The HALion 3.1 mapping is identical to that shown on the blue keys in the ns-kit7 universal mapping chart (page 35 of the manual, on the DVD), although the left-hand tom hits are simply duplicates of the right hand

The file naming and folder hierarchy are exactly the same as ns_kit7. Please consult the manual to understand fully what all these abbreviations mean and what the articulation look like.

ns_kit7 Mallet










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