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CM98 - Electronica and IDM

16bit CM Classics

We have gone all the way back to the 40s this month, bringing you the best of the best from CM40-49.

There are basslines, guitar riffs and chops, keyboards, synths and a selection of loops, as well as seven complete drum kits, a selection of sounds from the Casio VL-Tone, collections from and Tightdigital Music, and a ton of sounds by ex-Nine Inch Nails drummer/programmer Chris Vrenna.


Casio VL-Tone

Chris Vrenna

Drum Kits

Drum Loops



Loops 150bpm

Loops 90bpm

Readers Wavs

Sonomic Selection

Synth Loops

Tight Digital

24bit IDM Construction Kits

Cyclick IDM Construction Kits
5 construction kits (501samples), offering a slightly different take on the sonic mayhem of Aphex Twin Squarepusher, Mouse on Mars et al. Each kit has two parts. First, the Base Kit contains beats, drum hits, bass loops, atmospheric sounds and two or three other instruments. The Base Kit samples are, on the whole, complete kits, but some have been edited with a bar or two extra on the end to allow for reverb and delay decays.

The second part is the Alternate folder, which encompasses a collection of loops made from the raw materials of the Base Kit. Random chopping and effecting methods have been used to create loops that take the Base Kit samples to another level.

The number and letter after the instrument title in the filename refer to the tempo and base tuning key used.

Kit Tempo Keys
Kit01 160 bpm G
Kit02 120 bpm A
Kit03 140 bpm D
Kit04 165 bpm C
Kit05 100 bpm A

Kit 01 160bpm

Kit 02 120bpm

Kit 03 140bpm

Kit 04 165bpm

Kit 05 100bpm

24bit IDM Multisamples

TEG Haywire!
Crossed wires, rusted contacts (Kontakts?) and malfunctions are the order of the day with these glitchy, gritty, grainy sample sets. Whether you make glitch, IDM or industrial, you'll find a lot of ideal ugliness here. In the words of the Virgin Prunes, this is "a new form of beauty"...

To create our glitchy goodies, we called once again upon our massive modular behemoth, and this time we ran the hulking monster through the Metasonix TM-2 tube filter. If ever there was a manufacturer who should lord over The Land of Glitch and Noise, it's Metasonix! In addition to that particular signal path of destruction, we also turned to our beloved Kyma, a broken Ensoniq mirage keyboard, and our newly purchased ARP Odyssey Mk II. But to get really noisy, we made use of a shortwave radio, a speaker phone and a broken speaker to play these doodads through. Finally, we enlisted the aid of my son Nigel who, at the ripe old age of ten, is building electronics. He whipped up a couple of click generators and a signal generator. He also let us use his homemade robot which beeped and whirred according to program. Thanks Nigel!

As always, you'll want to copy the entire samples folder onto your C drive if you plan to use one of the supported samplers (with the exception of the DS404). If you want to use an SFZ-based sample player such as Dimension pro or SFZ, you'll need to copy each SFZ patch into the specific sample folder containing that patch's samples. In other words, "Modumeta.sfz" goes into the "ModuMeta" folder in the Samples directory. Got it?

In any event...enjoy the destruction, and try not to hurt the neighbour's pets!

Scot Solida
The Electronic Garden



24bit IDM Toolkit

Electronica and IDM Toolkit
A whopping collection of 1000 loops and hits. Alongside glitchy drum loops and percussion lines are a fistful of bass loops, an inspired collection of re-programmed guitar chops and riffs, and an array of effects and textures inspired by the classiest acts in the genre.

To finish off, we have put together an ample assembly of single drum hits and compiled many of them into concise drum kits for Native Instruments Battery.

Bass Loops

Bass Misc


DrumLoops Downtempo

DrumLoops Misc

DrumLoops Uptempo

Effects and Textures




Percussive Processes

Single Hits

Slap Basses

Aquasky Samples

Aquasky have very generously provided a royalty-free sample pack featuring some of their favourite sounds from a decade as top drum'n'bass and breakbeat producers.

Literally kicking things off are a couple of classic jungle TR-808 bass drum tones, as used by everyone from soul boy Bukem to dirty Dillinja.

Next up are some bass sounds created using pure waveforms in Kontakt 2, which employ detuning and octave layering to create rich, think tones, and some twisted low-end patches from Korg's MS20 Legacy soft synth. These use tempo-based modulation to add movement to the sound, and have been warmed up with a little distortion.

The Drum and Perc folder features a few breakbeats, but mainly concentrates on individual sounds, many sampled from the Nord Rack Mk1, for an unusual, kicking sound.

Next up is the FX folder, a twisted journey through sound, featuring whooshes, sweeps and rises created around 1997, and very handy for bridging into and out of breakdowns and the like.

Next up, we have some chunky lead sounds, musical riffs and effects. Created with synths, guitars and Aquasky's Rhodes, these gems could lend your tracks that mysterious feel.

And finally, raw synth action featuring the Akai S3000 waveforms. These sine, saw, triangle and square waves are just gagging to be kicked around in your soft sampler of choice.


Drums and perc


Leads - 24-bit

Music riffs

Musical fx


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