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CM108 - Indie Rave

16Bit CM Classics

These sounds from issues past include some rocking MIDI rhythms with corresponding drum hits ranging in tempo from 90 to 120bpm, accompanied by some equally rocking bass guitar loops. The icing on the cake is a selection of bass multisamples in DS-404 format – the perfect accompaniment to this month’s indie rave odyssey.

Cyclick Samples

First listed in CM69: please click here

The Electronic Garden

First listed in CM69: please click here

24Bit Indie Rave Samples

Andrew Duke

1229 24-bit Indie Rave guitar and bass samples

The Duke is no fluke, and to prove it he’s blessed us with no less than 1229 bass and guitar samples that cover practically every rhythm and note combination it’s possible to get from 12 semitones. If you were to listen to the whole lot back to back, you’d become so nu rave that not even the sound of The Klaxons covering Urban Hype’s A Trip to Trumpton would be able to snap you out of your fuzz-induced funk.


751 24-bit Indie Rave Samples

This truly magnificent set of Cyclick sounds includes guitar, bass, keyboard and drum loops that’ll have you dancing around clutching your nether regions like a latter day Jarvis Cocker. Tempos range from 130bpm to a glowstick-tastic 145bpm, so keep the Red Bull handy.

Cyclick Samples

Group 130bpm

Group 135bpm

Group 140bpm

Group 145bpm

Groove Criminals

495 24-bit Indie Rave samples

Before doing porridge, the Groove Criminals wouldn’t have hurt a fly, but after spending a signification portion of their lives mingling with hardcore lags, they now murder soundboys on a daily basis and wouldn’t think twice about swiping your Alpha Juno. Bass loops, bass multisamples, a full-on Battery kit, SR-202 kits, drum loops and guitar stabs – it’s a long list of musical misdemeanours that’s undeniable proof that prison reform is long overdue.

Groove Criminals







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